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We offer a full service program that includes all aspects of college athletic recruiting process. We help you to navigate this important journey. We have plans and pricing options to meet the specific needs and budgets for all STUDENTathletes and families.


  1. Video- The emphasis on video has become more important in recent years. For most sports, a highlight video is an essential first step in the evaluation and recruitment process.  We have packages that include shooting, editing, and distributing of your video to meet your needs. 
  2. Scouting Evaluation- A qualified college coach will evaluate your film and give honest and detailed feedback on your projected level of play.  Our non-biased double blind evaluation process ensures you target the right schools.
  3. STUDENTathleteWorld College Match- Our exclusive STUDENTathleteWorld College Match program matches your abilities and evaluation with potential colleges and athletic and academic programs. This introduces you to schools you may not be aware of and helps you focus on the schools that fit you best.
  4. Consultation- Throughout your high school career we will guide you through the recruiting process acting as your consultant on your behalf with your best interests in mind.  Consultation is personal and strategic-focused and includes assistance in financial aid, NCAA rules, and unlimited access to our staff of trained professionals.

We Offer…

  • Tools- The tools you need to make sure all college coaches know about you — don’t wait to hear from coaches!  Our College Match includes 2,000 colleges and universities and more than 20,000 college coaches.
  • Guidance- How to create specific playing, scholarship and admissions opportunities and how to determine which recruiting opportunity is right for you.
  • Experience- How to use leverage to find the right college to match your specific goals and abilities.

To Develop Opportunities…

  • Admissions- The combination of academic and athletic skill can help a high school student-athlete stand out amongst the crowd in the application process.
  • Athletic- A College Coach may have need for an athlete with your specific size, skill and personality to fill a roster spot.  However, if they don’t know about you, they can't recruit you!
  • Financial- A College Coach is an influencer and decision maker in the college financial aid process.  If he/she wants you to play, financial need and merit based aid can be made available.

Based on Your Specific Need…

  • Educational- What educational program are you interested in? What post-graduate career do you want to explore? You need to make sure any school can satisfy these needs.
  • Personal- What type of school are you looking for? Small, Big, Urban, Rural? Does walking onto campus give you a good feeling or bad?
  • Extra-Curricular- Sports, Student Government, Religion, etc. What will round out your college experience?

Let us show you…

  • Why your child is in demand and will generate tremendous interest at schools nationwide right now.
  • Why it is impossible for a family to uncover all of the opportunities alone and why it is unfair to place the burden on your coach.
  • How to become a smarter buyer of a college education and stretch the dollars you have available.
  • How to improve your child’s chances of being recruited as a STUDENTathlete and admitted into a top-flight College or University.

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