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Seminars & Events

Please contact us if you are interested in having us host a free educational athletic recruiting seminar with your club team, organization, or school.

Past Events

We've spoken at hundreds of events, big and small, across the country. These include, but are not limited to...

  • NCAAHPERD-SM Sport Management Professionals, Carolina Elite Football Recruiting Workshop, Sports Performance Education Series (Athletic Republic Winston-Salem), Preparing to Be a College Athlete Workshop (D1 Sports Training), Maximum Exposure Basketball Showcases (21 locations nationwide), Recruiting 101 Expo at the VYPE Conference, Athletic Republic Football Combine, Hoop Mountain Basketball Showcase, Basketball Elite Southeast Summer Basketball Showcases (Forsyth Country Day School and Proehlific Park), HSPN East Coast Basketball Championships, Durham Academy College Recruiting Expo, Pioneer Football League, The Performance Academy, AC Sandhills, Youth Lacrosse System, Homeschool Football League, Mebane Youth Soccer Association, South Caldwell High School, Greater Cabarrus Athletic Association, Athletic Republic Winston-Salem, Fayetteville Hurricanes, Swansboro High School, Sharp Shooters Academy, Brunswick Volleyball Club, Laney High School Booster Club, Fayetteville Soccer Club, St. Mary’s School, Crossroads Christian School, Triad Homeschool Baseball, North Hills Country Club, North Carolina Lacrosse Academy, Carolina Flight, North Carolina 7 on 7 State Championship, STUDENTathleteWorld Showcase, North Carolina Powerade Baseball State Games, YBOA Basketball, Carolina Softball Association, ITS Baseball, D1 Raleigh Open House

Recruiting Seminars

We offer educational recruiting workshops to STUDENTathletes and their parents free of charge. As a service to the community, the workshops address topics not commonly known by most families about the athletic recruiting process.  Many myths and misconceptions exist about college recruiting, therefore the workshops are intended to help set the foundation and guide prospective college athletes as to what they can expect in the process and how they can use the process to work in their favor. We know that searching for a college opportunity will be a first time experience for most families and the aim of the workshops is to detail in some depth what the process entails as well as give practical help and strategies for beating the process.  We try to make the seminar as insightful and productive as possible by limiting the amount of time we spend talking about rules and other content you may already be aware of or is not necessary to know. The end goal is to make sure a family walks away knowing exactly what they will need to do to be successful.

Topics Covered

  • Am I good enough to play? How realistic is it?
  • Why do most kids not get recruited?
  • How many schools offer my sport and what types of scholarships are available?
  • How do I get started?
  • What schools should I contact?
  • Where can I find contact information for coaches?
  • How can I generate a lot of interest from colleges?
  • Once I’ve started, how do I continue the process to keep a coach’s attention?
  • What does the recruiting process entail and what obstacles can I expect?
  • What mistakes do most families make in this process and how can I avoid them?
  • How can I use other people’s mistakes in my favor?
  • How can I make the most of the exposure tournaments?
  • How important is receiving a questionnaire and how do I effectively respond to them?
  • I have a video, but now what do I do?
  • Should I blindly send my video to a school?
  • Should I call a coach and if so, what types of questions should I ask?
  • How can I find out where I stand on a school’s recruiting list?
  • How can I use my sport to get into some of the most elite academic schools in the country?
  • What can I do differently than other athletes?
  • What is the real purpose of the NCAA Eligibility Center and how and when do I apply?
  • How can I put myself in a position of having many options of schools to choose from?
  • How can I use those options for leverage to increase the amount of a financial aid that I am offered?
  • Besides athletics, what other sources of financial aid are available for me?

Event Preparation

Below is a list of guidelines that we ask you to perform to help insure a successful and well attended event.

  • Forward the E-mail to Coaches (below) to all your coaches in grades 7-12.
  • Ask coaches to distribute the Special Invitations (below) to those athletes they believe are capable of, or would like to play college athletics.
  • Send the seminar flyer (below) and STUDENTathleteWorld flyer (below) to your booster clubs, coaches, and community members.
  • Post the seminar flyer and STUDENTathleteWorld flyer outside your office, weight room, gyms & locker rooms.
  • Distribute the seminar flyer and STUDENTathleteWorld flyer and make announcements at home sporting events, sports banquets, parent meetings, etc.
  • Place the seminar flyer and STUDENTathleteWorld.com flyer on school athletic website.
  • Submit press releases (below) to local newspapers and ask them to write an article about the event.
  • Place event information on school marquis the week before the event.

Resources for Event Promotion

Resources for the Night of Event

The following documents will need to be printed as handouts for the families on the night of the event.  Print 50+ copies of all documents.  We will give one to each family that attends.

The speaker may need the following items for the Seminar:

  • Table for the handouts
  • A few boxes of pencils/pens
  • Microphone
  • Video projector