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Highlight Videos

For most sports, a quality highlight video is essential in the recruiting process. If you don't have something to send to college coaches you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage to your competition, because most college prospects have a video. Live scouting and full length game tape can be an important part of the process for many sports, but the highlight video is an important first step. Think of it as the bait to get to the live scouting or full length video parts of the process. Keep your video simple. The point of a video is not to trick coaches into thinking you are better than your are.  It's simply to put your abilities onto video so they can easily make a quick initial evaluation. Don't get wrapped up in the details of the video. Obtrusive music and over the top effects do more harm than good. The two most important things about a recruiting video are...

  1. You have to have one
  2. College Coaches need to watch it

SAW Highlight Video Packages

  • Silver- Our professional editing crew will create your highlight film with professional editing, graphics, spot shading, and light music from your submitted raw footage.
  • Bronze- You embed your highlight video with no editing needed.

You can view examples of our clients videos by clicking on OUR ATHLETES from any page.