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College Athletic Recruiting: The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide ($24)

College Athletic Recruiting: The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide is comprehensive step-by-step plan written by Tim Ryerson, a former college coach and founder of STUDENTathleteWorld. The book is designed to help STUDENTathletes and families navigate the uncertain waters of the college athletic recruiting process. It will take you through every aspect of college recruiting and includes more than 130 pages of tips, hints, and advice! Each chapter includes action plans and templates for you to use in communicating with college coaches and admissions and financial aid representatives. Don’t let the media myths about college recruiting prevent you from reaching your dreams. This book is written specifically for athletes that are not high level D1 prospect (although it still can help them). Knowing what the recruiting process is like from the coach’s point of view is essential. This book will explain what works, what doesn’t, and EXACTLY how to get recruited and get a great price for your college education and continue playing the sport you love.


The college decision is too big to put to chance!  We guarantee this book will….

  • Educate you on the college athletic recruiting process
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the recruiting process successfully
  • Provide you with valuable insight from the coach’s perspective
  • Provide you with templates to use in communicating with coaches
  • Help you save THOUSANDS of dollars off your college tuition (if you follow our plan!)


  • Do not buy a book that focuses on recruiting at major NCAA DI schools. Many books do this. Recruiting is a completely different process outside of the top tier programs.
  • Do not buy into an idealized version of recruiting written by parents, high school coaches, or businessmen. Only former coaches know how recruiting really works from an inside perspective.
  • Do not rely on out of date advice. The Internet has changed athletic recruiting. Some advice is timeless, but an old book’s action plans will not be relevant now.
  • Do not buy a book filled up with lists. Some books are 90% filler made up of lists of athletic programs and company-sponsored scholarships. These lists quickly out of date. There are far more useful ways to find the information you need by using the Internet. Remember, you’re looking for advice and insight, not what you can find on Google.
  • Be careful with books specific to one sport. They usually contain information only relevant to high level prospects at major NCAA DI schools in that sport. Important topics like the recruiting funnel and leveraging tuition driven schools are relevant in all sports. Saving money and athletic packaging are not sport-specific.
  • Do get a book that tells you how you can help yourself. Coaches like team players but they also like leaders. The things you can do to help yourself are not complicated. Learn how to get involved in your own recruitment.
  • Do get a book that provides templates, action plans, timelines, tips, and advice. Stories, lists, and information are nice, but you want a book that will lay out exactly what you need to do.


  • You have the passion and desire to play college athletics
  • You have the talent to play in college, at some level
  • You have the ability to communicate with college coaches
  • You are not a high level major D1 prospect getting letters and calls EVERY day
  • You have not heard from 100+ college coaches prior to your Senior year
  • You do not have at least 10 financial aid offers in writing from colleges
  • You are a Freshman or Sophomore and you want to do the smart thing and be pro-active
  • You are a Junior or Senior and don’t want your career to end after high school
  • You don’t want to use the ‘wait and see’ method like most high school athletes do and end up not playing
  • You are willing to follow the plan laid out for you and put in the work to make your recruitment happen


  • How college coaches really find, scout, and recruit student-athletes
  • How to evaluate schools and programs and find the best fit
  • How the recruiting funnel works and how you can outlast the competition
  • How to successfully communicate with college coaches and financial aid representatives
  • How to prepare for phone calls and campus visits
  • How to save money by making the schools compete against one another
  • The common mistakes families and student-athletes make


Setting Realistic Goals, Parental Blinders, Small Schools vs. Big Schools, What is Recruiting?, The Recruiting Funnel, Campus Visits, Walking-On and Red-Shirting, Camps, Clinics, and Showcases, Your High School Coaches, Why National Mass Marketing Works, Communicating with College Coaches, Empowering Your Child, Walking the Line between Pro-active and Pushy, When and How to Talk Scholarship, The Buy-Sell Relationship, Types of Financial Aid, Leveraging a ‘Tuition-Driven’ School, Talking with your High School Coaches, Communicating with Financial Aid Representatives


Tim Ryerson works personally with student-athletes and families in all sports and in all areas of the college athletic recruiting process as the founder of STUDENTathleteWorld.com. Prior to that he spent eight years as a college men’s basketball and cross country coach at four different NCAA DII and DIII schools in Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Nebraska. He also spent three years as a high school basketball, football, baseball, and softball coach. He has published articles and spoken at numerous banquets, seminars, and panels regarding college athletics and recruiting.


  • “Coach Ryerson knows the ins and outs of college recruiting.  This book is an essential read for aspiring college athletes and their families.  There are so many myths about recruiting that exist and knowing how recruiting really works will help you immensely.  Read the book, follow the plan he lays out for you, and don’t get caught up in the common mistakes many families make!” -NCAA Coach*
  • “THE COMPLETE DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE has so much information useful for parents and student-athletes.  As a college coach I can tell you that recruiting has changed so much in recent years and this book will help you better navigate this process.” -NCAA Coach (*name removed per NCAA rules) 
  • “THE COMPLETE DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE is a refreshingly honest assessment of the recruiting process told from the perspective of a college coach.  Coach Ryerson doesn’t pull any punches and tell you what you WANT to hear.  He tells you what you NEED to hear.” -NCAA Coach (*name removed per NCAA rules) 
  • “Coach Ryerson hits it right on the head when he says [comparing recruiting in revenue sports at major NCAA DI programs to most programs at the low DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and NJCAA levels is like comparing apples to deck furniture].  If you are a high level NCAA DI  prospect you don’t need this book.  If you are not, you do!” -NCAA Coach (*name removed per NCAA rules) 
  • Too many student-athletes go unrecruited or underrecruited because they don’t realize and take adavantage of all the options available to them.  THE COMPLETE DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE teaches student-athletes how to market themselves correctly and find that perfect fit.” -NCAA Coach (*name removed per NCAA rules)